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Coldplay – Lethal Drug Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
All summer we hung round’
On the streets of our hometown
Dreamed about us getting close
Dressing in your wedding clothes
All summer it went on
We got kids and we are off
Got me in a trip down hays
Busy hours turned into days as we were (oh)

I got drunk but fell in love
Love is a lethal drug
I got drunk and took too much
Love is a lethal drug

[Verse 2]
All summer we belong to the way we let it on
Feel it slowly sinking in, lying back and watch your heaven spin
In my head the parrot saw
I don’t know (….) in the stars
I don’t know what else to win
Just give me one, just give me one more win (oh)

I got drunk but fell in love
Love is a lethal drug
Fell down and picked it up
Love is a lethal star
I just can’t give you up, with you coursing through my blood
I just couldn’t get enough, love is a lethal drug
Love is a lethal drug

[Instrumental Break]

Just went up in smoke [?]
Are we in love with another dose?
I soar when my body floats
Love in a lethal dose
Love in a lethal dose, yeah
Love in a lethal dose

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