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Barz Da Lyricist – Ru.By Lyrics

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Verse: Go into Neverland will you find what you’re lookin for ?
Listen to SZA …yeah yeah jam out to Love Galore
Hop in a submarine…take a trip let’s explore
Lightning and thundering , I’ll be peace in a time of war
So many avenues , so many reservoirs
Open a mind or two , have access to open doors
Go get a chocolate queen , you can say that you want s’mores
Refresh your memories (okay) when it does rain it pours
Forget the enemies , forget the few detours
God is a friend of me yeah —I’m always with the Lord
Ride in a MERceDEZ , maybe I’ll whip a Ford
Trends they do go extinct , just like a dinosaurus

HOOK: Are you . BY .. tell me RU .BY me ?
I just wanttt to look you in your eyes
All these starsss you the one that I see . I see you glistening ooo are you listenin

Verse : supplement, supplement . let me be your supplement
Baby girl you heaven sent , I don’t wanna run from it —-
Like people with taxes from the government
Your energy ? I’m lovin it
That ruby go and stunt with it


Take a road trip to Colorado, maybe even fly to Monte Carlo
I can sense your beauty ..with my eyes closed
Your vibration isn’t hard to follow
Past things were hard pills to swallow
You filled days , that were hollow

I wanna explore deep within
Go on the run — like the carters , not Bonnie and Clyde , maybe Queen & Slim

HOOK: RU. BY .. tell me RU.BY me ?
I just want to look you in your eyes
All these stars you the one that I see . I see you glistening ooo are you listenin(x2)

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