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Dope D.o.d. – Trick Or Treat Lyrics

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When the sun goes down and the lights go off
There’s a ghost in town, better check your watch
If it’s 3 AM, better lock your doors
Cause the block ain’t safe when we walk on yours
When the night stick swings it will bust your jaw
With the teeth you lose you can mob the floor
When the beat kicks in we unleash the gore so trick or treat do you want some more?

You deal it with a click for the cannibals, I bite your neck like an antilope
And I dont take no prisoners, civil make the base go radical
It rattles the justifer listener, hit you in the face like a metal pole
Medical treatment urgent, please send somebody in, he’s lettin’ go
Never recycle cycle michael myers, better recharge
The better restart so Im ready to bring the violence
Lettem’ inside them, chuckle and hide em’ for the antnite, Im Chucky by day, Im Leatherface to you, better think twice of what I might do, and make sure you get the f**k out the way
D.O.8 is the verdict, every phone’s out of service
Hills advice we will kill you guys, the Windcrests memory is murder
Reaper get rid of the burner, Im puffing more cookies than burna
Blood on the wall and the priestess


Knock knock, trick or treat bitch, Im at your dootmat and I came to reap shit
No ghost, Im a f**king demon, at night when you sleep you can hear me breathin’
Right next to you bed, dwell in you dreams, got me stuck in your head
On a stay one night but hair, nuffin’ but heads of my friends
I keep stacking the limbs, you hacking the bits, I dont care about money
Just gimme your wrists, so real killa you know I exist, cut that bitch, just lettin’ it drip
Im going on their bates when I fornicate, which is more than late, when they scream for help cuz imma squeeze their necks like Im goin’ insane
See a bipolar, borderline imma boogieman with a distorted mind I gotta inflict pain all the time like a sentle pain and if you mortify this
Deafen the K and we celebrate
Have I can’t wait, I will meditate, deafen the K we don’t hesitate
Spelling you blo and we gon’ let it rain

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