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Yung Child Support – Freak N You Lyrics

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This motherf**ker Bownsir made a rap song about me. Honestly, I’d prefer R&B cause that would be so much funnier. You feel me?


I wanna freak you


Every time I close my eyes
I wake up feeling so horny
I can’t get you outta my mind
Cause sexin’ you be all I see
I would give anything
Just to make you understand me
I don’t give a damn about nothing else
Freek’n you is all I need


How does it feeeelllll? Ooooohhhh
Suck my dick. Suck my dick
Hooo-oooh, woooooooo, wooooooooo

Yeah I’m gonna…
Bitch on top of my dick
Can’t keep my dick in my pants
I gave her dick she got mad
And then I cut that bitch off
Just rape the bitch, she should take the shit
Giving up the cheeks
I wanna suck yo feet
Beating her meats in the streets

Ahhh, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet

Throw sum mo
Throw sum mo
Throw sum mo

The bitch is a freak, shit!
Your my only one, I love you… Biiiiitcheesss

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